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SUNDJERKA-recipe and video recipe.

Govorni tekst vo video recept e na makedonski i ima recept na blog,na link ispod.

Recipe in English:

Sundjerka most delicious steamed cake recipe with video recipe.

Traditional cake for Great Carnival-Procka.This desert is required to table this holiday in Macedonian tradicije.Sundjerka cake and eat really delicious cake that is made easily and quickly.

-7 eggs
-7 Tablespoon sugar
-14 tablespoon grz (pcenicni bite)
-5 Tablespoon flour
a-little baking powder
-pan: 34-23cm.

Syrup: 800g. sugar to boil with 700ml of water and add 1 vanilla sugar and a little lemon.

In the bowl of torture cake to put the eggs add sugar, blur cake, leave traces mixer.Add flour, pcenicni bite, baking powder, spoon equalize ingredients.

Pour the cake mixture into the greased and salted flour, baking pan, line the surface of the cake and bake.
Cake bake for 15 minutes at 180C.

Baked cake pour cooled syrup.


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